• “I have always asked myself, ‘why do I attend these conferences?’ This year, the addition of the AMSP brought this home even more. After the second day of the conference on my 1-hour drive home I realized why. I come to be inspired, so I can be inspirational at work. Many safety people see things that move us from center of why we do what we do, and the inspiration of these workshops and keynote speakers help us get back to centre and remember why we started our journeys as safety professionals.”

    – Gary L’Heureux, CRSP; Health & Safety Officer Western Canada; The Day & Ross Transportation Group

    “Well I know by now I am not going to be the first one to say how fantastic the conference was. I have been to numerous conferences around North America and by far this was one of the best. I again thank you for allowing me the opportunity to come to the venue.”

    Jim McLaughlin, CRSP, Safety and Risk Coordinator, Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation (MIT)

    “This was my first SSM conference in its 30 years, and it saddens me to think of what I have missed for the other 29 years.”


    “I wanted to let you know what a great conference you hosted…I have been to many National conferences and the speakers at yours were all very top notch and I think really made the conference…goes for all three days!”

    Jeff Bencharski, CHSC, CRSP, Corporate Safety Officer, Manitoba Hydro

    Delegates had some exceptional things to say about this year’s SSM SAFE Work Conference:
    • The SSM Conference is the premier safety conference to attend in Manitoba.
    • The SSM Conference is a great way to refocus and re-energize my safety efforts.
    • I hadn’t been to the SSM Conference in years. Looking forward to next year!
    • This was the first time I attended this conference. I was very pleased with everything!  Keep up the great work and congratulations to the planning and coordinating committee on a job well done.
    • An incredible event; so much energy.
    • A very positive, exceptionally professional conference.
    Check out what safety professionals had to say about the Assembly:
    • Enjoyed the session, keynote speakers were excellent.
    • Very good day, high impact for safety!
    • I think that Manitoba needs a forum strictly for safety people – to be able to discuss areas of concern with others in the industry would be a benefit to our employers and the safety industry as a whole.
    • Round-table discussions with SAFE Work Manitoba were a huge value to me as a safety professional.
    • For my first safety professional conference it was really worth my time.  Networking is important in the safety field.
    • Excellent initiative!
    • Very enjoyable – well-organized, good food and good room temperature!
    • Sessions and planning committee were well organized!
    • Great conference, very much enjoyed it.
    • Very good, excellent job by SSM!
    • Valuable day!
    • Overall, very good opportunity to network with other safety professionals!

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