Due Diligence and Liability (CHRP Designation)


    This 8-hour interactive training session will relay to you how to meet the due diligence requirements under the Workplace Safety & Health Regulations. The purpose of this course is to convey current regulatory and industry information to include which elements are required in the occupational health and safety program. We will also discuss effective policy and procedure writing and how to implement them into your workplace. The course is comprised of the following seven topics:

    1. Relevant legislation, regulations and jurisprudence (the study and theory of law)

    2. Company policies and procedures

    3. Industry best practices?

    4. Program and policy development

    5. Training and development techniques

    6. Risk analysis

    7. Organizational goals and culture

    This course has been designed to meet the requirements of Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) certificate program section RPC: 172. Where possible the course will apply to numerous applications including construction, manufacturing and general industry. Given current information regarding worksite illnesses, injuries and/or fatalities, you will be able to recognize the most effective methods to prove you are meeting due diligence requirements under current laws.

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