Incident Investigations in the Workplace (CHRP Designation)


    This 16-hour (2 day) interactive training session will teach you how to perform effective incident investigations in the workplace in accordance with the Workplace Safety & Health Regulations. An overview on how to conduct an incident investigation at your workplace includes techniques for information gathering, interviewing witnesses, and preparing the report. Topics addressed will include:

    Day 1

    1. Relevant legislation and regulations

    2. Inspections and reporting procedures

    3. Nature of the business and physical work environment

    4. Hazard recognition

    Day 2

    5. Collective agreement and other contractual requirements

    6. Internal and external resources

    7. Industry best practices

    8. Principles of effective health and safety programs

    9. Incident investigation procedures

    This program will be both theoretical and practical hands on learning to allow you to become familiar with the process of conducting an effective incident investigation, including how to complete the reporting process.

    This course has been designed to meet the requirements of Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) certificate program section RPC: 184. Where possible the course will apply to numerous applications including construction, manufacturing and general industry. Given current information regarding worksite illnesses, injuries and/or fatalities, you will be able to recognize the most effective methods to prove you are meeting due diligence requirements regarding investigating and reporting incidents in the workplace under current laws.

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