Disability Management Consulting Services

  • Do you know your organization’s absenteeism rate?

    Compare it to industry rates provided by Statistics Canada.

    An effective disability management program acknowledges the complexity of workplace absences and aims to help employees return to work safely, while controlling costs to the organization.

    • Would you like to know if changes to your disability management program can help reduce absence-related costs?
    • Are you concerned about disability-related costs in your organization?
    • Is your organization exposed to complaints concerning the reasonable accommodation of persons with physical or mental disabilities?

    Please call us (204-949-1085) if you answered yes to any of these questions.
    We will work with you to review and improve your disability management program.

     Five Steps in our Consulting Service

    A comprehensive disability management program aims to prevent and reduce work absence through a prevention model. Each step in our consulting service is designed to build on the previous step(s), and will produce a report with recommendations based on current industry standards.

    Please contact SSM for a quote.

    Preliminary Review: $799

    Daily Rate: $999 – contact SSM for a quote for your organization

     Step One: Preliminary Review

    This initial preliminary review provides an overview of your disability management program and identifies strengths and opportunities.

    The preliminary review includes:

    • a 20-question survey to be completed by the HR manager or the person who is most knowledgeable about the organization’s disability management program.
    • a follow-up interview completed in person or by phone.

    Deliverable: A preliminary report which will include a summary of responses, and brief recommendations.

    Get your preliminary review done for $799

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     Step Two: Full Assessment

    The full disability management assessment builds on the information provided in the preliminary review, and will yield more detailed recommendations, and suggestions for tracking results.

    The full assessment includes:

    • a detailed review of relevant metrics.
    • review of policies, procedures and documents.
    • interviews/focus groups with relevant stakeholders.

    Deliverable: A detailed report which will include a summary of information and actionable recommendations.

    Daily Rate: $999 – contact SSM for a quote for your organization

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     Step Three: Action Planning

    In the action planning stage, we will work with you to help you plan the steps necessary to meet the recommendations that you would like to adopt.

    We will help you identify resources, steps and timelines for each recommendation.

    We can also provide support and assistance in developing relevant documents or disability management tools and helping employees return to work safely.

    Deliverable: A detailed action plan with identified roles, action steps and timelines.

    Daily Rate: $999 – contact SSM for a quote for your organization

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     Step Four: Implementation

    We can provide consultation support through the implementation phase and help identify areas of strength and opportunity.

    Deliverable: An implementation report will provide a review of the implementation steps and any relevant observations of the impact of these actions. Recommendations for future implementation actions will be offered.

    Daily Rate: $999 – contact SSM for a quote for your organization

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     Step Five: Review Outcome Data

    This stage will include the review of relevant metrics to begin to assess the impact of implementation steps. In addition, the individuals who were initially interviewed in the full assessment phase will be contacted again for additional information.

    Deliverable: Recommendations to assist the organization in sustaining positive changes and safe return to work, as well as planning ongoing improvements to the program.

    Daily Rate: $999 – contact SSM for a quote for your organization

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