Safety Program Development

  • In need of an Occupational Health and Safety Policy Manual?

    manualA health and safety policy manual is a key component of an injury-free workplace and Safety Services Manitoba has the expertise to create one that is customized to your operation.

    Beginning with an environmental scan of your facilities or offices, our consultants can create a comprehensive policy manual that is relevant to the safety and well-being of your employees.

    Safety Services Manitoba (SSM) can provide safety programs for a very reasonable cost.

     You will receive:

    • Safety manual with all applicable elements for your workplace
    • Filing system
    • Ongoing coaching
    • A toll-free support line

    SSM’s Safety Management System provides all contents required to meet Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act (as per Sections 4(1), 7.4 and 7.5).

     What is a Safety Management System?

    • Process for managing safety risks
    • A business approach to safety


    • Safety and efficiency are linked
    • Reduced losses and enhanced productivity
    • Reduces injury
    • Improves employee morale
    • Complies with Workplace Safety & Health requirements


    • We will work with you to develop a Safety Management System from start to finish
    • The system will be user-friendly, regulatory compliant and tailored to your individual company’s needs


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