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    • Aerial Lift $124.95
    • Confined Space $74.95
    • Due Diligence $124.95
    • Fall Protection $44.95
    • Fire Safety $44.95
    • Forklift/Lift Truck $124.95
    • H2S Awareness $44.95
    • Ladder Safety $29.95
    • Lockout $44.95
    • Manual Material Handling $29.95
    • Office Ergonomics $44.95
    • TDG $44.95
    • WHMIS 2015 $29.95
    • Workplace Violence & Harassment $29.95

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     Aerial Lift E-Course                                                                 $124.95

    Our online Aerial Lift Training Program will focus on the safe operation of self-propelled elevated work platforms and self-propelled boom supported elevated work platforms.

     Confined Space E-Course                                                            $74.95

    Our online Confined Space program will provide participants with the information needed to understand the potential hazards of working in these spaces and the elements necessary to control those hazards prior to entry.

     Due Diligence Training for Managers E-Course                          $124.95

    This course will also explore the obligations and potential liabilities of company owners, managers, and supervisors, and will discuss the elements critical to a strong health and safety program and safety management system.

     Fall Protection E-Course                                                            $44.95

    Our Fall Protection Training Program will provide participants with an understanding of their responsibilities when working in areas where fall hazards exist, the use of and inspection of the required equipment and the critical controls necessary to reduce the risk of a fall.

     Fire Safety E-Course                                                                   $44.95

    Our Fire Safety program provides participants with the knowledge necessary to prevent fires in the workplace and also focuses on the basic elements of fire prevention and protection.

     Forklift and Lift Truck Training E-Course                                 $124.95

    Our Safe Operation of a Forklift / Lift Truck Program makes participants aware of their legal responsibilities and provides the required information to achieve the theory portion of becoming a competent operator.

     H2S Aware E-Course                                                                    $44.95

    Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) is a naturally occurring gas that can be found underground where organic matter decomposes in the absence of oxygen. H2S gas is present during oil and gas exploration but can also be found in the pulp and paper industry, sewage and treatment facilities, landfills and in farming operations where manure is stored.

    Inhaling even the smallest concentration of H2S gas will have an immediate effect on the human body; inhaling high concentrations of this gas is fatal. Therefore it makes sense that every worker who may be exposed to this gas must first know where it is commonly found, how it can be detected through continuous monitoring and most importantly, emergency action steps required to stay alive in the presence of H2S.

    Participants will learn about personal breathing apparatus, contingency planning and rescue methods used to assist victims of overexposure. Participants will learn to protect themselves first before they can help others. It is important that every oil and gas industry worker understand basic first aid measures including rescue breathing and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

    Our Online H2S awareness course will benefit users that need to know about H2S and serves as an excellent resource for people whose companies support the Oil and Gas Industry.

    Participants are advised to speak to their employer if they have any question as to what level of H2S training they may require and if the H2S Awareness program will be sufficient for their purposes.

     Ladder Safety E-Course                                                               $29.95

    Provinces across Canada regulate the use of ladders in all workplaces because the improper use of a ladder could cause significant injuries.

    Anyone who uses a ladder must comply and obtain the necessary training in order to:

    • Reduce or eliminate worker injuries
    • Avoid worker compensation premiums

    The program complies with all the necessary regulations and is produced in order to accommodate various learning styles filled with graphics and video to make it easy to understand, memorable and accurate.

     Lockout/Tagout E-Course                                                            $44.95

    This program is designed to ensure employers, management, and workers understand the hazards associated with uncontrolled energy and the proper methods of controlling that energy through a properly developed and implemented lockout program.

     Manual Materials Handling E-Course                                          $29.95

    Manual material handling (MMH) operations can be found in most workplace settings including industrial establishments and manufacturing facilities, offices, healthcare facilities and restaurant locations.  Statistics show that almost one in four workers will experience some form of injury as a result of lifting and lowering, pushing and pulling, carrying and holding, or resisting loads. In Ontario alone, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) account for 50% of all lost-time injuries and the numbers aren’t much better across the nation. Employers must provide adequate instruction where the handling of material by employees could result in an injury.

    This course will explore common causes and controls of MSDs, and introduce the participant to safe working procedures in order to handle material in the workplace without injury.  The term MSD is used collectively for a number of injuries and disorders of the muscles, tendons, nerves, etc.  Other terms that mean the same include; repetitive strain injury (RSI), cumulative trauma disorder (CTD), work-related musculoskeletal disorder (WMSD), musculoskeletal injury (MSI, MSK), occupational overuse syndrome (OOS), and sprain & strain.

     Office Ergonomics Training Program                                         $44.95

    Overuse and “wear and tear” injuries continue to be among the most costly work related injuries in industry today. These pains and strains can range from mild discomfort or lead to severe pain and disability. Our office ergonomics training program identifies the risk factors associated with poor ergonomic positioning but more importantly the controls necessary to prevent musculoskeletal disorders from occurring.

     Transportation of Dangerous Goods E-Course                             $44.95

    Everyday, thousands of TDG regulated products are handled, transported, and offered for transport throughout Canada. This online certification program will provide participants with an understanding of the hazards and regulatory requirements associated with dangerous goods controlled products. This course is required for companies who ship by road and/or rail only.

     WHMIS 2015 E-Course                                                                   $29.95

    The intent of this online safety training course is to provide WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) certification, but more importantly, it provides participants the foundation for using knowledge to prevent accidental and long-term exposure to the harmful effects of hazardous workplace materials.

     Workplace Violence and Harassment Training Program              $29.95

    This course will introduce and define terms associated with workplace violence and harassment. Employers will be shown the necessary structure and elements of a Workplace Violence and Harassment program. It will also set out what workers need to understand about how to identify, report on and control undesirable behaviours in the workplace.

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