Motorcycle Safety course showed me what I was missing

  • Motorcycle Safety course showed me what I was missing

    Thu, May 26th, 2016 By in

    motorcycle testimonialThank you for providing such an amazing service that will definitely enhance the safety of the motorists in Manitoba.

    I have been familiar with riding motorcycles since I was a teenager but like many other motorists I learnt it by trial and error. After taking the safety course I realize how much I was missing about safely operating a motorcycle. Before I took the course I was very anxious and felt this course will be another hurdle in my very busy daily schedule. However, the instructors made the course an enjoyable experience. I am very pleased that I took this course and highly recommend it to other motorcycle fans. I am very grateful to all the instructors and particularly to the chief instructor

    Keep it up!

    Behzad Mansouri, MD PhD FRCP(C)

    Assistant Professor
    University of Manitoba

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