Larry Redmond, Director of Road Safety

  • Larry RedmondLarry joined Safety Services Manitoba’s team in 2007 and brought with him over 25 years of experience in road safety. His experience and input helped to resurrect and strengthen SSM’s Road Safety programming. Larry has been instrumental in the development and delivery of Corporate and mandated programs throughout the Province of Manitoba, including:

    • Safe driving programs
    • Off-road vehicle programs (ATV, UTV, snowmobile)
    • Trailer towing
    • Motorcycle safety

    Larry has acquired a diverse background in road Safety and has been involved in several committees and project initiatives including working with Manitoba Public Insurance, Manitoba Hydro, Canada Safety Council, City of Winnipeg and Law Enforcement Agencies.

    Speaking to his wealth of first-hand experience as a professional instructor of both road and occupational safety courses, Larry is a certified instructor with the National Traffic Safety Institute (NTSI) and is a Commercial Driving Instructor.

    Larry’s background in the transportation/safety industry focused on aviation, where he specialized in transportation of dangerous goods (air and ground), load planning and freight movement. He was also the successful owner of a driving safety school in Winnipeg and Eastman locations.

    During Larry’s time in the industry, he and his teams have been recognized with a number of awards and accolades, including several Canadian National Awards for his role as a supervisor with FedEx for Ramp Safety Operations.

    Specializing in team management and leading a large instructor pool is part of Larry’s daily routine at SSM. Filling out his diverse background is extensive experience in daily operations, program development and retention, recruiting and staffing, as well as scheduling, managing resources, managing fleet operations, warehouse maintenance and problem resolution. Customer service is Larry’s number one priority.

    Larry’s safety mantra is “get comfortable being uncomfortable while driving.” As Larry explains, this means staying alert and driving defensively at all times. “Over time, while becoming experienced vehicle operators, motorists also become complacent, which can lead to many questionable choices,” he says. “Road safety is something we can all lead by example to ensure the safety of all Manitobans on the public transportation system.”

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