Strategic Framework

  • Safety Services Manitoba – a not-for-profit organization – is guided by a strategic framework that ensures we provide consistent, quality services and products to our members and the community.

    Our vision, core purpose and values create our safety culture.


    Safety Services Manitoba (SSM) will be a leader in making Manitoba the safest province in which to live and work.  SSM will be seen as an active partner in the community – a safety hub for Manitobans of all ages.   We will be innovative and responsive to the market and our partners by creating new services, developing new models of delivery and providing the very best quality in safety training and consulting.  Think safety – think SSM.

    Core Purpose

    Make Manitoba safer with innovative, responsive safety services.

    Core Values

    Our core values are timeless.  They define our beliefs at a deep core level.

    We value:

      • People – we are dedicated to helping Manitobans be safe

      • Service Excellence – we strive for the highest quality, professionalism and accountability in all that we do

    • Relationships/Partnerships – we believe in teamwork and developing solid relationships with our clients and partners


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